Writing 201: Animal, Concrete, Enjambment

So, the prompt is to use an animal in some way. I am not sure about the Concrete and Enjambment part of this task, but I gave it a shot. At the end you will know what the animal is, but hopefully it will actually look like what it is supposed to.

I see
Ahead of me
Up in the clouds above
A shape to            bring fear
To those far           and near. If
You look close and you will see it
too.  Wings so wide and red as fire.
Can’t you see it?
Danger above
Burning barns below as it passes.
A winged wonder with wicked claws.
Tearing, ripping,piercing
The plight of a knight’s
nightmare. A fire-breathing
menace. A Dragon…

Well, i was going for a dragon with an open mouth. Not sure if it looks like anything.


5 thoughts on “Writing 201: Animal, Concrete, Enjambment

  1. Yes, I can see the dragon with open mouth . Love the way you used your cloud observation to promote the image. The enjambment worked. . So very nice that when I’ll be staring at a cloud changing from rabbit to shark etc, that we all share these references.


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