James Michael Keller

James Michael Keller, Mike to his friends, is the main character in the series I am currently writing called “Family Heritage”. The first book, Beginnings, is available on Kindle for $2.99 at http://goo.gl/ll70IU and on paperback direct through Create Space for $10.99 at http://goo.gl/uww6as

All marketing aside, I wanted to write a little about Mike’s history that is revealed in the book, but might give readers a glimpse into his life and why he is someone we all knew in high school, and maybe still to this day. He is that guy in school, maybe a little geeky but not the biggest nerd in school. Passable in most sports but clearly not one for the spotlight. We all probably borrowed his notes from time to time. He was good for stuff like that. For some of us, we may have even been him, or been one of those select best friends who knew him for the good honest soul that we knew would have our backs for life.

Mike grew up in small town USA. His family was close, even though he argued with his younger sister just like we all would have in his shoes. When his father and grandfather both pass away in a car accident when he was just eight years old, Mike is forced to grow up fast. His mother was a strong and proud woman who never let on just how much it hurt her to lose her father and husband so suddenly. As a result she threw herself into the raising of her children with a passion that sometimes borders on paranoia. As Mike nears eighteen and starts experiencing massive headaches and glimpses of the future, his mother’s paranoia gets worse. He indulges her, because he knows his mother has made sacrifices for him and his sister and he respects that. He is a good kid, just trying to make the best of a bad situation.

What Mike isn’t prepared for is the notoriety that comes with how he uses his gift. Only his best friend Darrell knows how Mike knows what he knows.  Drawing the ire of the school’s star jock is not what this wallflower wanted in his life. He also gets the notice of his childhood friend turned head cheerleader, a girl he has always had a crush on. Not all is normal teenage drama as Mike is forced to confront a growing darkness within himself that threatens to take him over. With finals looming on the horizon, Mike tries to figure out just what is happening to him.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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