A Beginning of my own…

So, it has never been a secret to anyone that knows me that I am a bigger. I top out at about 6 foot 5, and have weighed between 340 and 360 pretty much since high school. (That’s 15 years ago for those playing the home game.) Anyway, my wife and I are making an attempt at getting in better shape. Rather, she started and I am tagging along for moral support and it motivates me to do better as well. Three days in and my calves (is it spelled this way when you are talking about your legs? or just young bovines?). Well, either way, they are killing me. I have improved my rep count each day, which is nice. Going up and down stairs repeatedly is not as easy as it looks and I am even more impressed with Rocky Balboa’s performance. I am hoping that by talking about this, it will keep me honest and working on it. So here is to new beginnings, and may it go smoother than poor Mike’s in my novel. HAHA, shameless plug there.


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Paperback http://goo.gl/uww6as



Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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