Life – (Feeling Philosophical)

Life is funny sometimes. There was a time when I never would have considered fatherhood for myself, given the poor example I had in my own biological father. Today though, sitting on the floor in the living room helping my son with fractions and multiplication/division problems, I couldn’t have been happier. Using plastic Easter eggs to demonstrate how many times a number fits into another number was so much fun. When I could see it click in his brain that he could use his multiplication tables he has been practicing to work the division problems in reverse, I was so proud. I can’t believe I once considered never putting myself in a position to experience fatherhood. Sure, it can be stressful at times, and I certainly struggle with having higher expectations for my son than is sometimes fair for a child his age, but he took up residence in my heart the moment I met him.  Life’s stresses can cause frustrations abound, however it is those little miracles of fatherhood that make the work worth it. I found an old poem about “Life” in my archives that I thought I would share.



In Life
We are merely ships on a sea
This Life
Causes us joy and causes us pain
We Live
By our choices in this life

In Life
We strive to be all we want to be
This Life
Has much to lose and much to gain
We Live
With our joy, pain, bounty, strife

Life sometimes throws us many curves
Like the steady driver who suddenly swerves
We cannot know the strength of our nerves
Till we snap…


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