Walking Alone

This is an old poem I wrote during a darker time in my life, but i wanted to share something I had written to get it out there in the world.

Walking Alone

Walking alone,

The dark of night washes over me

Solitude found,

I await the coming dawn of my life

Waiting, watching,

Ever vigilant for life’s deadly foes

Seeking out a place of safety

Running from the hounds of death

Finding no where to run

And nowhere to hide

Turning, facing down the demons that

Have haunted and shadowed my footsteps

They know not the strength of a man cornered

Of one with nothing to lose but life itself

Who has accepted that fate and is determined

To take some of them with him when he goes

The strength of one with nothing to lose

Is greater than the strength of all

Desperation, hopelessness, determination

Lend strength to failing limbs

Give heart to the faithless

Gazing upward, he gives the battle cry

Of meeting ones opponent honorably

Knowing my fate

But determined to die with dignity.


Let me hear your thoughts my Gentle Readers...

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